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The choice to choose

We didn’t choose our pain

But we return to reside there because it is familiar

A well-oiled slick

We slide down effortlessly


We are asleep at the wheel of our life

Driving on autopilot

But when we start to become conscious to the parts of ourselves that make choices

We wake up

Become curious as to what we have been choosing

Based on neural pathways of patterns

And then we get to ask the question of “what part of me is manifesting here?”

I became aware I’ve been touching my pain too much

It is always the path I go down because I never felt safe in my body

So I would escape to my mind and neglect my body down in the depths of suffering

Until I realized that I wanted more joy in my life

That the opposite of pain is pleasure

That I could choose something different for myself

It wasn’t a snap of the fingers

But I could see a new path emerging from the fog

I may still go down that path of pain

Because it was home when my body was not

But it’s an unconscious part of me that pulls me there

So I remain open to learning

And awake to my power of choice

And ready to learn and grow

Time and time again

Because what we forget when it comes to manifesting is that there’s a part of us that wants this to come to fruition

Everything we have in our life was pulled in by some resonance

But when we get what we wanted

We are fortunate to ask “which part of me asked for this?”

What does this part believe to be true about ourselves and the way the world works

We are the stewards of our lives

And when we feel into what is right for us

We can place boundaries

And architect our lives from awareness

To choose better

To choose the best

Or at the very least, to choose to learn


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