Tea Talk - $95 / 45 mins

in-person + remote

Receive a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, poignant questions, and a slew of tools to help clarity and ah-ha moments arise easily and effortlessly. These sessions help to reveal the answers to your present conundrums and aid in processing your thoughts and feelings while deep in the sauce of discovery. If in-person, herbal tea is chosen specifically for you and brewed for both of us to enjoy together while we connect and converse.

The Works - $230 for 1 hr / $320 for 1.5 hr

in-person + remote

When you're stuck in the weeds, lost in the sauce, on the precipice of great change, or in the midst of big upheaval, you'll receive support that helps you process, be seen/heard/held in safety, and guided through the thoughts and feelings that are clouding your next step in creating positive change in your life. This session is tailored to your ever-changing needs and may involve any combination of intuitive channeling, energy healing, transpersonal psychology, herbal medicine, and sound healing. Looking for hands-on energy or healing touch? This is the session for you.

Plant Spirit Medicine Session - $140 for 1 hr / $275 for 2 hr

in-person only


This one-on-one session adapted from group Intuitive Herbalism classes incorporates an education of botanical medicine paired with individualized and custom support for your current needs and desires.  Sessions are crafted based on your interests and needs for current support, and can include any of the following:

- plant meditation journeys

- herbal water infusions/tisanes

- alcohol extracts

- nonalcoholic extracts

- topical extractions/infused self-massage oils

- food infused with botanical medicines

- making your own herbal medicines

- laying of fresh plants on the body for induced journeying