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Corinne supports healing through a variety
of concerns and circumstances including:


• Lyme Disease / Chronic Lyme Disease

• Chronic illness

• Pain management

• Cancer (especially late stage)

• Emotional trauma

• Abuse (mental, emotional, physical, verbal, sexual)

• Stress management


• Digestive disorders​

• Autoimmune Disease

• Loss of a loved one



Corinne is a chronic illness sleuth utilizing unconventional methods to reveal root causes so clients can more easily navigate the changing landscapes of the body, the mind, the emotions, and life itself. 

As someone who has reversed her own chronic illnesses of Lyme Disease and Autoimmune Disease in 90 days, balanced years of hormone issues within 30 days, and was able to find the root cause of her own mystery symptoms when lab work was "normal", Corinne knows how challenging the path to optimal health and healing can be.  But it is not impossible, and oftentimes, it can be quite logical. 


Corinne's approach includes addressing the full system of YOU with a plethora of resources she's researched, learned, and gathered in application along her own journey to revealing the root cause of her health issues.  She's a proponent of supporting the body in doing its job by deciphering how the body communicates through symptom expression paired with root cause understanding and using natural methods, energetic techniques, and subconscious excavation to encourage healing.

She has the ability to see potentials where others avert their eyes to the truth and is unflinching in the face of other people's trauma wherein she is able to hold space across psychic, spiritual, and emotional thresholds.  Corinne models what is possible for others who are faced with a threat to their livelihood and are willing to move through difficult cycles of phoenix-like death and rebirth in order to free themselves from what binds them. 


Navigating intense and transformative experiences along the lines of grief, rebirth, death, health mysteries, and pain is easier with someone sitting there with you who has walked that path before.  Corinne holds this role as a compassionate guide to act as a mirror in showing you your own wisdom to move through it, make empowered choices, see what has been hidden in plain sight, and share the resources to narrow down options.

Corinne works with a variety of clientele but has a sweet spot for working with overthinkers, second-guessers, and mentally-inclined individuals who feel stuck, want to make a change or process change but don't know how to get to where they want to go, especially as this relates to their chronic illness, mystery symptoms or physical health as a whole.

Whether you are new to complementary methods of healing or a seasoned practitioner, Corinne meets you where you're at and encourages you in finding freedom from your circumstances with a root-cause approach.

Find out what clients say about working with Corinne here.


        Delphi University

  • BioGeometry Foundations + Advanced Training

        Vesica Institute

        Delphi University​​

  • Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher

        The International Center for Reiki Training

  • Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher 

        The International Center for Reiki Training

        Open Center

  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

       Apprenticed with Karin Marcello 

  • Visionary Craniosacral Therapy C1 + C2
    Milne Institute

  • Kripalu Yoga Teacher 200hr

  • Certified Minister

        Church of Wisdom

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