The biggest hindrance to physical, emotional or mental healing is to neglect spiritual connection. 

Afterall, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

Corinne Feinberg of Pathlight Healing

Corinne supports healing through a variety
of concerns from an emotional, physical,
and mental standpoint including:


• Lyme Disease / Chronic Lyme Disease

• Chronic illness

• Pain management

• Cancer

• Emotional trauma

• Abuse (mental, emotional, physical, verbal, sexual)

• Stress management


• Digestive disorders​

• Self-worth

• Discovering your purpose


Intuitive Healing

Corinne has been practicing Reiki since February 2012 and teaching since 2014.  She has trained with 3 different Reiki Masters in California and New York, including William Rand from the International Center for Reiki Training, and has continued her study of energy healing by connecting with Source through the guides of plants with Sage L. Maurer at The Gaia School of Healing.  Corinne has initiated over 100 Reiki students and sees clients for energy healing sessions on a regular basis both in person and over the phone/email. 


Corinne’s passion for the healing arts began with seeking alternative modalities to support her journey through Chronic Lyme Disease.  It was the gift of Reiki energy healing that lead Corinne to experience freedom from her symptoms and ultimately healed her from the disease.  Since then, Corinne has made it her purpose to provide the gift of Reiki energy to those who are open, ready, and willing to move through a deep healing process.  Her healing work has been featured in both online publications and in print, including Mind Body Green, Reiki News Magazine & Garden Collage


Corinne connects her clients with Divine Source through channeled guidance to better understand how their thoughts and emotions are affecting their physical body, and empowers them with tools and exercises to bring harmony into all aspects of their being for the ultimate healing experience.

As of 2019, Corinne has launched a consulting business called Bakamere Organization LLC that provides outside-of-the-box analysis to your personal, professional, and employee challenges while assisting in adaptation to change for optimal problem-solving and solution-based results.


        Delphi University

  • BioGeometry Foundations + Advanced Training

        Vesica Institute

        Delphi University​​

  • Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher

        The International Center for Reiki Training

  • Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher 

        The International Center for Reiki Training

        Open Center

  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

       Apprenticed with Karin Marcello 

  • Visionary Craniosacral Therapy C1 + C2
    Milne Institute

  • Kripalu Yoga Teacher 200hr

  • Certified Minister

        Church of Wisdom