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Corinne is a centered and clear guide through the Rohun process. This was a meditative image-based journey in tracing threads of fragmentation to their origin. It began with disparate parts channeled in the card reading, which then distilled into a common source. This session unravelled and clarified unconscious patterns that I hadn’t connected before. The process was detailed and profound, causing a radical shift in my perception. Corinne was available afterward to provide support and continue balancing my system from a distance. She cheered me on and encouraged me to counter the weight of the experience with activities that brought me joy. That was a useful reminder, which brought me back to my soul to integrate more fully. I feel aligned in myself and not reactive to the encounters that used to be so triggering. My soul is more free to express its authenticity and I feel a larger sense of love. Thank you Corinne!

Dana Penenberg

Craniosacral and Reiki Practitioner in Los Angeles, CA

My first experience with Rohun was moving, interesting and transformative. Although I've never done anything like this, I felt safe and comfortable with Corinne. Her style is gentle and nurturing, but also in control, so I felt safe and protected. I was able to let go and travel to where the treatment needed to go. It went in a entirely different direction than I might have expected, but that's the magic of Rohun. You receive what is meant to come up. I was able to go to a vulnerable place and have a significant release and realization. And now, I've learned something quite profound about myself. I highly recommend Corinne Feinberg - she's incredibly gifted and holds herself to a very high standard. She works extremely hard and takes amazing care of her clients. Spend some time with Corinne and you'll feel her positive energy and healing gifts. 

Katie Griswold

The Griswold Group Properties in San Diego, CA

I had the honor of having a RoHun card reading with Ms. Feinberg. The session went very smoothly as she explained the main purpose of this type of healing and I followed her instructions. The session was powerful and intense. I had a soul retrieval and healing of an aspect of my inner child that was purposeful to fulfill my divine purpose. Immediately after the session I experienced some confusion and hurt as I processed the session, but as the days passed I was able to see the beauty and the depth of the results. I am able now to open my heart more easily, I feel more present and feel able to move forward to achieve my most intimate desires. Corinne is the embodiment of compassion and honesty.  


North Carolina

"I knew next to nothing about Reiki but the OM NAMO Center in Cambridge, MA where I live informed me that I had to use up funds which were not refundable and would expire soon. I checked their catalog of offerings and decided that I wanted to learn more about Reiki. This decision ended up being an intuitively perfect choice as soon after scheduling my first appointment I found out that I was likely to have prostate cancer. Of the four Reiki practitioners at OM NAMO I chose to meet with Corinne because of her bio. At our first session I immediately felt that I was in a safe and sacred space and could readily surrender into the situation. I was convinced that I could heal just by working with her. Skillfully she explained to me that in the end, what she offered was to help me trust my condition and that whatever emerged I could face and handle. The key for me was to learn to trust, be less driven by my thinking brain’s pontifications, to understand that my “left brain”, which had served me so well in my career and throughout my life, was now at the center of my feeling overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. Letting go of this and replacing it with an open and intuitive heart brought me to a place of strength and therefore, the capacity to deal with whatever fell own my lap.


Had I not met with Corinne prior to being told that I had an aggressive tumor, the stress alone would have taken my life. Before and after surgery I continued to meet with Corinne in person or remotely. I had a slow and painful recovery but her guidance and teachings gave me the strength and tools to accept my situation, remain in the moment and not succumb to the fear mongering coming from from my 'analytical brain'. 


To maximize the benefit derived from Reiki sessions I studied Reiki level 1 with her. Ten hours taught me how to self-treat as well as treat my family and friends with the basic skills I developed. Corinne’s teachings are not just limited to Reiki practice but include a variety of holistic approaches to healing such as intuitive healing, herbal plant spirit medicine practices and shamanic rituals. Corinne’s depth transcends into deep spirituality. She has been around for a long time as her wisdom reflects this."

Carlos Neu

Happily Retired Psychiatrist in Cambridge, MA

"Corinne is a gifted and compassionate healer. I was very fortunate to receive deep healing support with her, both in person and remotely, over the course of a year when I was going through a major life transition. I was able to move through my transition with greater confidence and felt supported physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition to the transition I was going through, I had some physical health issues that were greatly helped by her healing sessions and Corinne helped me to see the emotional and spiritual connections to these challenges. I felt personally cared for which was very important for me to open up and experience deeper healing. I have great respect and appreciation for Corinne."

Sharon Griswold

Holy Fire II Reiki Master in San Diego, CA

"Corinne is an emotional healer who truly understands the nuances of what it takes to grow and heal. Her empathy and understanding of human psychology is deep and meaningful. Her hands-on healing technique has made a profound difference in my life--Corinne truly understands the magic inherent in loving human touch. If you're looking for energy healing from someone who brings love, nurturing, and wisdom to her practice, Corinne is the healer for you."


Brooklyn, NY

"The healing energy that emanates from her flows through me like a gentle wave lulling me to wellness and ease. After an hour and a half I leave totally euphoric. I know I am hooked."


Brooklyn, NY

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RoHun is the therapy and Corinne its virtuoso. Together I found them immensely effective in healing psychological and spiritual blockages thus paving the way for a more joyful heart and the capacity to live out of elevated levels of consciousness. My ability to forgive and move on while sourcing higher levels of humility, compassion, and freedom grew exponentially. Be good to yourself - and all who come into contact with you - sign up for a series of sessions now.

Ed Merck

Author of Sailing the Mystery

I was not sure what to expect from my first Ro-Hun session with Corinne. Even after the first 10 minutes I could tell this was going to be a potent healing! I was able to tap into and release deeply rooted patterns that I have been trying to work through for so long. It felt like the final excavation I needed to truly come to terms with them. Corinne is a powerful yet gentle guide who held loving space for my release. I felt very safe and comfortable with her the entire time. Weeks later, I am still feeling the after effects of the work we did together and am looking forward to doing more uncovering with her in the future.

Brook Albrigo

Shamanic Reiki Healer in Long Beach, CA

"You could say that my intuition led me to Corinne, though at the time I wouldn’t have believed you that it was something I possessed. Corinne was (and continues to be) a loving and supportive guide on this unexpected, yet wholly necessary, journey back to myself. I didn’t know why I wanted to learn [intuitive healing] or even what it really was, but I see now that what I needed was Corinne’s influence in my life. Her love-based approach healed so many of my inner wounds and her confidence in me lit the path for me to find my own. I have an overactive mind and when I felt frustrated at continued failed attempts at a meditation, she highlighted my persistence as a strength and restored my faith in myself, over and over again. She is vastly knowledgeable and her ability to hold a safe and nonjudgmental space set the tone for my enormous transformation. I now see clearly my gifts, as she has since the beginning. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this lovely, strong, hilarious, kind, direct, loving woman. I highly recommend her intuitive teachings and know that I will eagerly continue down this path with her by my side. Corinne, thank you for lovingly laying the foundation for a newfound belief in myself and my capacity for magic."

Amy Miller

Boston, MA

"Corinne came into my life when I was under a very heavy load, physically and mentally. I felt I had exhausted all my resources, and I was at the end of my rope. Western medicine had seemed to fail me over and over. I was open to anything. Enter, Corinne.


When I first met her, it was obvious that she was someone special. I immediately felt at ease with her. And though she didn't know me, it felt like I had known her for decades. As she performed energy healing on me, I was transformed. The transformation is pretty much indescribable, but it was bigger than anything I had gone through. Without telling her what I was going through, she was able to tell me. That was the biggest thing for me. She just knew, because she is healing down to her soul.  She has a gift, and if you are lucky enough to be open to sharing your time with her, she will heal you.  She healed me. I had been dealing with cervical cancer, and I have been well with no recurrences for over a year now. That was the physical part.  But, for me, the real change was mental and spiritual.


Being tightly wound for my entire life, I pretty much thought I would be that way my whole life. And then I met Corinne. She may have healed me physically, but she also changed my entire life in other ways. It's almost as if I had poor vision my entire life and Corinne gave me glasses. I can see now. I enjoy my life more. I feel like I have started living, and doing so with much more kindness, compassion, and understanding. Corinne was the person who spent her time using energy healing to change my outlook and perspective, and I consider it the biggest gift I have received. She truly cares about people, and she believes in the best of us all. She can see you straight down to your core, and she openly accepts you and will help you on your journey. What a blessing she has been to me!


Now, the people who know me refer to my life as "Before Reiki" and "After Reiki." I can handle my life now, without being so tightly wound.  I feel free, happy and positive. My new mindset, thanks to Corinne, has allowed me to have the life that I always wanted, but didn't know how to have. I do things out of love and kindness, and at the end of the day, it makes me happy to know I am contributing to the love and the light of this crazy world.  If you have not met Corinne, it only takes one meeting to know you will know her for the rest of your life. She will hold your hand, embrace you, and enlighten you. She will change you, for the better, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. I had no idea energy healing would be the thing that changed my life, but it was. And for that, I am forever grateful to Corinne. I am so glad I was open to try energy healing, because I can't imagine where I'd be with out it!"

Denice Blue

San Diego, CA

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Reiki News Magazine

Corinne's story through healing from Lyme Disease with Reiki energy was featured in Reiki News Magazine's Fall 2013 in-print issue.  Her article "Reiki & Lyme Disease" can be found here.

Tune In Radio + All Business FM Interview

Listen to Corinne Feinberg's interview with Kory of Tune In Radio about her healing work and how she got into energy healing.  Aired December 18, 2017

Interview with Corinne Feinberg of Pathlight Healing - Kory of Tune In Radio
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Mind Body Green

In the article "Reiki: What It Is + Why You Should Consider Adding It To Your Routine", Corinne was interviewed about her experience with Reiki and how it is beneficial to supporting your wellbeing.

Garden Collage

An online publication dedicated to sharing green ideas to city dwellers interviewed Corinne regarding her workshop Sacred Smoke: Exploring Plant Spirit Medicine Through Herbal Smoking Blends.  The article can be found here.

Boss, Please! Podcast: Episode 15 with Corinne Feinberg
Detox and Chill Podcast: Episode 27 with Corinne Feinberg / Expanding Your Depth of Joy & Moving Past The Darkness

Listen to the full episode here.

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