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RoHun Therapy

spiritual psychology for mental and emotional repatterning of the subconscious mind

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What is RoHun therapy?

RoHun™ therapy is an inter-personal therapy that utilizes an individual's spiritual strength to facilitate healing and transformation.  RoHun's in-depth and thorough processes tap into the unconscious regions of the mind and release negative thought constructs and emotions that restrict, limit and continually sabotage self.  Through accessing the Higher Self and inspired mind, RoHun™ effectively and lovingly releases blocked energy and hidden shadows that prevent a joyful and productive life.

The Alchemical Secret of RoHun™ is Self Empowerment through Love and Wisdom


RoHun™ deals with the negative emotional circumstances and events, the traumatic and seemingly unimportant happenings that have tainted our perception and negated our belief in self, and those that have caused us to sabotage and isolate ourselves from the people and things we desire.  It is a deep exploration of self and self discovery that ultimately allows you to know your true self.  RoHun is a channeled therapy that focuses on the relationship between thought forms and health and disease.

How does RoHun™ work?

RoHun™ is a systematic and rapid-acting psychotherapy for personal growth and change.  As an energy-based method of healing, RoHun™ uses the electromagnetic fields surrounding the individual to work in a simultaneous, integrated manner with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Sessions are highly interactive between client and therapist to bring about deep and insightful change and the accelerated evolution of consciousness.  RoHun™ is a cooperative effort of the therapist and client entering the areas of blockages and faulty perceptions to eliminate and reprogram faulty patterns to thoughts of love, wisdom, confidence and strength.

Benefits of RoHun™ therapy:

  • clears faulty thought patterns that attract negative situations

  • awakens the client's sensitivity to their own inner resources

  • assists the client to relax and ease tension

  • introduces the client to their own creative and intuitive abilities

  • gives the client deep and meaningful insights into self

  • aids the client in the development and reinforcement of self-confidence

  • helps the client forgive and release the past, obtaining new freedom from guilt and resentments

  • assists the client toward a more open expression of self

  • increases peace and harmony within the client

  • increase the client's understanding and compassion for self and others

  • helps the client become more comfortable with themselves and feel stronger about coping with life

  • helps the client open up the heart to give and receive love more deeply

  • gives insight into intimate relationships

  • expands perspective in life

  • balances male and female energies

  • enhances self worth and ability to love

  • empowers client to make different choices in life that better serve their needs and desires

  • connects clients to their purpose in life

RoHun™ Sessions

Unsure where to begin?

Explore the RoHun process of healing with a Card Reading either in-person or virtually.  You and I will decide together which is the best session for your unique healing needs based on your experience.  Typically, clients begin with a Cleanse or Purification session after a Card Reading.

The RoHun™ Card Reading is the only RoHun™ process offered remotely at this time, but elements of the process are woven into other healing sessions.

It is recommended that those who are new to working with me begin with a phone call before starting RoHun therapy.  Please email me to arrange this.

Mental & Emotional Card Reading

An introduction to RoHun Therapy - uncover two major blocks in your mind and emotions that are stopping you from taking your next step.

RoHun™ Cleanse

Clear feelings of unworthiness, fear, helplessness and judgment. You will increase your intuitive abilities as well as connect with your Higher Self. 

RoHun™ Purification

In-depth cleansing of the faulty thoughts and feeling patterns of victimization that you have held for lifetimes. This healing consists of 3 consecutive sessions within 7-10 days.

RoHun™ Skim

Continuation of Purification where deeper issues emerge to face aspects of self with greater directness. Negative past lives/traumas held in the unconsciousness release.


RoHun is the therapy and Corinne its virtuoso. Together I found them immensely effective in healing psychological and spiritual blockages thus paving the way for a more joyful heart and the capacity to live out of elevated levels of consciousness. My ability to forgive and move on while sourcing higher levels of humility, compassion, and freedom grew exponentially. Be good to yourself - and all who come into contact with you - sign up for a series of sessions now.


Ed Merck - author of Sailing The Mystery 

Martha's Vineyard, MA

I was not sure what to expect from my first Ro-Hun session with Corinne. Even after the first 10 minutes I could tell this was going to be a potent healing! I was able to tap into and release deeply rooted patterns that I have been trying to work through for so long. It felt like the final excavation I needed to truly come to terms with them. Corinne is a powerful yet gentle guide who held loving space for my release. I felt very safe and comfortable with her the entire time. Weeks later, I am still feeling the after effects of the work we did together and am looking forward to doing more uncovering with her in the future.

Brook Albrigo - Shamanic Reiki

Long Beach, CA

My first experience with Rohun was moving, interesting and transformative. Although I've never done anything like this, I felt safe and comfortable with Corinne. Her style is gentle and nurturing, but also in control, so I felt safe and protected. I was able to let go and travel to where the treatment needed to go. It went in a entirely different direction than I might have expected, but that's the magic of Rohun. You receive what is meant to come up. I was able to go to a vulnerable place and have a significant release and realization. And now, I've learned something quite profound about myself. I highly recommend Corinne Feinberg - she's incredibly gifted and holds herself to a very high standard. She works extremely hard and takes amazing care of her clients. Spend some time with Corinne and you'll feel her positive energy and healing gifts. 

Katie Griswold - The Griswold Group Properties

San Diego, CA

Corinne is a centered and clear guide through the Rohun process. This was a meditative image-based journey in tracing threads of fragmentation to their origin. It began with disparate parts channeled in the card reading, which then distilled into a common source. This session unravelled and clarified unconscious patterns that I hadn’t connected before. The process was detailed and profound, causing a radical shift in my perception. Corinne was available afterward to provide support and continue balancing my system from a distance. She cheered me on and encouraged me to counter the weight of the experience with activities that brought me joy. That was a useful reminder, which brought me back to my soul to integrate more fully. I feel aligned in myself and not reactive to the encounters that used to be so triggering. My soul is more free to express its authenticity and I feel a larger sense of love. Thank you Corinne!

Dana Penenberg - Craniosacral and Reiki Practitioner

Los Angeles, CA

I recently had a RoHun card reading with Corinne. It was quite significant for me and I am in awe of what cards came up, and how quickly the guided reading/experience got to such an important current life piece that has been holding me back in my life and is definitely not serving me. One of the most significant outcomes for me was making a critical connection between my behavior and the effects of that behavior on my self esteem and feeling worthy. It became very clear that it was not serving me and was not for my highest good. Understanding that is helping me to gain a much deeper understanding of why and how this affects my life enabling me to release this behavior with more and more consistency. I'm very grateful to Corinne for supporting me with such gentleness and clarity. She really stayed with me until I got the clarity I was seeking. 

I plan to follow up with a RoHun Table Session with Corinne so that I may further explore and release any hidden aspects that may still be holding me back. 

Sharon Griswold - Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master

Solana Beach, CA

I had the honor of having a RoHun card reading with Ms. Feinberg. The session went very smoothly as she explained the main purpose of this type of healing and I followed her instructions. The session was powerful and intense. I had a soul retrieval and healing of an aspect of my inner child that was purposeful to fulfill my divine purpose. Immediately after the session I experienced some confusion and hurt as I processed the session, but as the days passed I was able to see the beauty and the depth of the results. I am able now to open my heart more easily, I feel more present and feel able to move forward to achieve my most intimate desires. Corinne is the embodiment of compassion and honesty.  


North Carolina

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