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These resources and reputable brands have been researched, vetted and personally used by Corinne.  They aren't the only options out there, but they are effective and safe - which help you take the guesswork out of the plethora of health options out there.

Some of the companies listed give Corinne a kickback for every purchase used with her link/discount code.  These affiliates are marked with an * and were personally tested by Corinne for effectiveness.  Corinne does not share brands with whom she has never tried the product herself and noticed an improvement in her own health.

I only accept affiliations that offer a discounted rate or coupon code that I can share with you.

Brands continue to change their ingredients, which is why items on this list may fluctuate.  Corinne tries to stay on the pulse of changes, but if you notice a discrepancy with the ongoing release of new information, please drop her line here.


Dr. Seth Gerlach's The Drainage Formula

Eclectic Wellness's Clear Channel Program

WellnessPlus by Dr. Jess Peatross


RogersHood Parasite Kit*

DISCOUNT: pathlighthealing

Cellcore Para Kit*



Mountain Rose Herbs*

DISCOUNT: RoseLove15

Diaspora Co.


Herbalist and Alchemist


Herb Pharm


Host Defense


Jean’s Greens


Starwest Botanicals



+ 10 cup pitcher

+ Home Dispenser

LivePristine Shower Filter

AquaTru Counter Water Filter

Pure Water Counter Distilled Water Filter*

DISCOUNT: pathlighthealing

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