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2 DAY SALE via links below!

Rose poem

Check out the video below to see what a Rose event entails

ROSE Beyond Beauty: the first step in loving yourself is the boundary of goodbye

an immersive rose-infused sensory experience with Corinne Feinberg and Leah Lipson


Be captivated by the natural world of medicinal and edible rose flowers as all of your senses are engaged through guided visual induction paired with the storytelling of the physical and metaphysical benefits of roses, imbibing rose-infused beverages and sweet treats, all set to the sounds of various sound healing instruments played live while you lay down to receive this all-encompassing experience. Fresh roses placed on the body and decorated throughout the space create a perception of rose's medicine that leaps off the pages of herbalism textbooks and transcends what has been studied about the plant. Let rose guide you into a felt experience of its medicine and how this plant can offer you tailored and unique support.


What's included:

- fresh stemmed highly-fragrant garden roses placed on your body

- rose tisane (tea)

- guided meditation induction to experience the medicinal scope of rose both physically and metaphysically

- storytelling

- multiple and diverse sound healing instruments

- rose-infused sweet treats and non-alcoholic libations you can't find anywhere else

- rose decor

- elements of rose woven through every aspect of the event


In order to receive what you want most, it is necessary to evict the thoughts and feelings that prevent you from believing you can have what you want.

EVENT DATES for 2023:

Carlsbad - Punch Therapy

Saturday 8/5 at 7-9 pm



Warner Springs Birdsong Retreat

Sunday 8/13 at 2-4 pm & 6-8pm



*limited capacity - more intimate experience

About Rose medicine:

As a commonly known flower by reputation of fragrance and accessibility, rose has been revered for her connection to love and appointed a dichotomous plant as seen in her lush, open blooms paired with sharp thorns. But few know the true depth of rose medicine as she is highly versatile, deeply cathartic, and nostalgically noteworthy in her propensity to address our greatest wounds: heartbreak + boundaries crossed.


Rose's theme for 2023 is:

What happens when you finally feel the love you've always wanted?

Think of what could change in your life with a love like that…


If you joined us for our immersive lilac event Lilac After Dark earlier this year, Rose picks up where Lilac left off...


She is a teacher of holding boundaries without remaining any less open to beauty being beheld. This seeming opposition can also be found in her medicinal qualities as an effector of the bloodlines, acting astringent and moisturizing while staunching bleeding. Rose is a sacred teacher of how to maneuver heartache, especially the patterns of how we break our own hearts, but her teachings are never without a copious and magnanimous amount of loving care. Rose rewards the brave ones willing to have their tenderest points poked in order to be transformed by receiving the love those past haunts have always wanted, needed, and been asking for on repeat. Usher in the pleasure available with rose medicine as you're held in such safe keeping.


What to bring:

We will be indoors but recommend you bring a yoga mat to lay on, layers for adjusting temperatures, a pillow, and a blanket.






It's recommended to bring a yoga mat, blanket or layers to adjust to varying temperatures, and pillow as attendees will be laying down for the majority of the event. This is an 18+ event. Children are not allowed even if accompanied by a parent. Rose is an edible food and medicinal plant safe for ingestion when not sprayed or chemically treated, even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  It may be contraindicated for long-term use for those on blood pressure and antidepressant medication. If you have any concerns, it is possible to experience the medicine of rose during this event without ingesting it internally - just with topical applications during the event. Please inform us at of all food allergies/dietary requirements upon registration and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

You may also email us to get on the waitlist if tickets sell out or inquire about a private rose session.

A confirmation email will be sent upon registration.

About herbalist Corinne Feinberg:

Corinne has over 400 hours of herbal medicine study over the last 8 years including a 2-year herbalism apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education in Vermont, and continued tutelage with Robin Rose Bennett, 7Song of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, and NY's Open Center's Green Medicine Herbalism Training with Peeka Trenkle. Corinne has been teaching herbalism from an intuitive perspective since 2015 with workshops throughout the northeastern United States and in southern California as a way to build a relationship between humankind and the natural world through felt experience. She teaches Folk Herbal Medicine once a month at the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas in addition to seeing clients one-on-one. Connect with Corinne at or on Instagram @corinne.feinberg



About sound healer Leah Lipson:

Leah is passionate about facilitating healing and personal transformation through sound. She creates dynamic sound journeys that are designed to facilitate profound shifts in perception. Using multiple instruments and approaches, she guides people on inward journeys into the depths of the subconscious, ushering deeply held wisdom to the surface. Connect with Leah at or on Instagram @leah_lipson

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