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The Rose Sessions

Journey into a deep state of connection with the medicine of Rose


As a commonly known flower by reputation of fragrance and accessibility, rose has been revered for her connection to love and appointed a dichotomous plant as seen in her lush, open blooms paired with sharp thorns. But few know the true depth of rose medicine as she is highly versatile, deeply cathartic, and nostalgically noteworthy in her propensity to address our greatest wounds: heartbreak.

Rose's theme for 2023 is: 

What happens when you finally feel the love you've always wanted?
Think of what could change in your life with a love like that…



Rose picks up where LIlac left off...

She is a teacher of holding boundaries without remaining any less open to beauty being beheld.  This seeming opposition can also be found in her medicinal qualities as an effector of the bloodlines, acting astringent and moisturizing while staunching bleeding.  Rose is a sacred teacher of how to maneuver heartache, especially the patterns of how we break our own hearts, but her teachings are never without a copious and magnanimous amount of loving care.  Rose rewards the brave ones willing to have their tenderest points poked in order to be transformed by receiving the love those past haunts have always wanted, needed, and been asking for on repeat.  Usher in the pleasure available with rose medicine as you're held in such safe keeping.



Sessions are conducted laying down and include:

- fresh unsprayed/untreated/organic garden variety roses laid on your face and body during the session and for you to take home afterward (flowers are not shared amongst clients)

- your choice of rose petal color preference

- fresh rose-infused preparations for consumption during the session

- guided meditation & storytelling of the medicinal benefits of rose

- verbal processing at the end of the session to discuss your experience


Each session is $230 and is between 1.5 - 2 hours in length.  The price includes 14 stems of highly fragrant garden roses and 3 different infused edible items used during your session.  Sessions are offered indoors at my office space in Clairemont, San Diego.  If you would prefer a session in your own home, an additional cost based on travel and gas prices will be discussed.


Schedule directly here

If you would like to discuss a private Rose experience with 2 or more people, please contact Corinne directly to discuss.

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