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The Lilac Sessions

Journey into a deep state of connection with the medicine of Lilac


As a harbinger of spring, Lilac is a powerful initiator of transitions, luring your senses with her intoxicating fragrance as she takes you into the places within yourself that need a spring cleaning.  Lilac shows you how to sit in the liminal spaces of your experience with the safety and support of the plant kingdom.  Her wise ways work wonders on stagnancy and expand the capacity to sit with one foot from where you've been and one foot where you're headed without needing to intellectualize what your next step is.  She is the propellent that takes you into tenderness and whispers encouragement of how to be in and move through the darkness.  

Lilac's theme this year is building upon last year's, as each year the medicine of the plant highlights a different message.  2022 was focused on the discovery of your true desire and what has been standing in its way.  2023 is reframed on resurrecting the parts of us that are necessary for our desires to flourish so we can bring forth our fullest expression of self and the magic we are meant to share.


This ephemeral beauty has a short blooming cycle of approximately 5 weeks, making this offering a once-a-year experience not to be missed if the medicine of lilac calls to you.  Once the lilacs are finished blooming, these sessions will be complete.  If you are concerned about timing, you may want to schedule earlier in April to ensure that you receive a session.  Due to the nature of holding this energy for Lilac and clients to journey deeply, I will only be seeing a maximum of 5 clients per week for the duration of the lilac blooming season.


Sessions are conducted laying down and include:

- fresh lilac blossoms laid on your face and body during the session and for you to take home afterward (blossoms are not shared amongst clients)

- fresh lilac-infused preparations for consumption during the session

- guided induction/meditation to meet the spirit of Lilac

- verbal processing at the end of the session to discuss your experience


Each session is $230 and is about 1.5 hours in length.  Session locations can be flexible but may incur an additional cost based on travel and gas prices.


Sessions can be scheduled here.

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