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Lilac Resurrected

an after-dark sensory experience with Corinne Feinberg and Leah Lipson


Journey into deep states of connection with the medicine of lilac blossoms paired with sound healing instruments in this pampering experience of herbalism paired with vibration.  Receive lilac-infused water to drink and fresh lilacs placed on the body to induce a meditative state where the plants guide you into a felt experience of their medicine and how they can offer you unique support.  The sounds of multiple healing instruments aid in the experience as the vibrations enhance the energetics of the lilac blossoms.  Various lilac-infused treats will be offered to close the experience.


Lilac's theme this year is building upon last year's, as each year the medicine of the plant highlights a different message.  2022 was focused on the discovery of your true desire and what has been standing in its way.  2023 is reframed on resurrecting the parts of us that are necessary for our desires to flourish so we can bring forth our fullest expression of self and the magic we are meant to share.

As a harbinger of spring, lilac is a powerful catalyst in times of transition, luring with a sweet, intoxicating fragrance into the places within ourselves that may need a bitter truth or a true spring cleaning.  Lilac guides how to sit in the liminal spaces of experience when it feels like there's one foot in the old ways and one foot edging towards a new way, and yet the motion to move forward is not quite available yet.  As an anti-periodic, lilac can cease recurring cycles of disease, illness, and disharmony with its astringent and propelling quality, activating the gastric juices necessary to break down and assimilate what we ingest and digest to proper completion.  The ephemeral nature of lilac's blooming season makes this journey a short-lived and once-a-year experience not to be missed as our surroundings transition from winter to spring.


About the location at The Pearl:

"The Pearl" is a historic roaring 20's mansion that has been transformed into a sacred sound sanctuary.  Built in a time when everything was still carefully crafted by hand, the unique artistry that was originally instilled in the space still serves to awaken the creative artist within.  As one of the first houses built on Sunset Cliffs Blvd, it has a powerfully grounding and nurturing energy that is perfect for holding all types of ceremonies and healing community gatherings.  This space dedicated to sound vibrations is oriented cliffside at Sunset Cliffs where we'll be able to view the sun's setting as the initiator of our experience with lilac.  We are fortunate to be gathering in such a spacious and high-ceiling space with a fireplace.  It is sure to be a cozy experience as we journey into the depths of ourselves.


We will be indoors but recommend you bring a yoga mat to lay on, layers for adjusting temperatures, a pillow, and a blanket.


What's included:

  • fresh lilacs placed on your body

  • lilac tisane

  • guided meditation journey to experience the medicinal scope of lilac

  • sweet treats and libations infused with lilac

  • multiple and diverse sound healing instruments

  • sunset views of the ocean on the grounds of an idyllic private residence

Doors will open at 7pm and we will begin after the sun sets around 7:35pm.  Exact address provided upon registration.  Please notify us at if you have any food allergies/dietary restrictions.


Tickets are $85 per person.  A confirmation email can be sent to you after registration.



About herbalist Corinne Feinberg:

Corinne has over 400 hours of herbal medicine study over the last 8 years including a 2-year herbalism apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education in Vermont, and continued tutelage with Robin Rose Bennett, 7Song of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, and NY's Open Center's Green Medicine Herbalism Training with Peeka Trenkle. Corinne has been teaching herbalism from an intuitive perspective since 2015 with workshops throughout the northeastern United States and in southern California as a way to build a relationship between humankind and the natural world through felt experience.  She teaches Folk Herbal Medicine once a month at the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas in addition to seeing clients one-on-one. Connect with Corinne at or on Instagram @corinne.feinberg


About sound healer Leah Lipson:

Leah is passionate about facilitating healing and personal transformation through sound. She creates dynamic sound journeys that are designed to facilitate profound shifts in perception. Using multiple instruments and approaches, she guides people on inward journeys into the depths of the subconscious, ushering deeply held wisdom to the surface.

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