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Everyday Herbal

making medicine tasty

The future of food is circling back to our wild ways of foraging

The modern world is moving towards food science with genetically-engineered products posing as food.  This shift towards creating food in a lab rather than in soil remains questionable in terms of its effect on the health of our bodies.  With the growing movement of regenerative farming returning in a more mainstream way, and farm-to-table meals being commonplace, the next step in returning to nature when it comes to how we nourish ourselves is through wild edible and medicinal herbs.

The popularity of herbal medicine has been steadily growing in the wellness industry over the past decade.  But a barrier point between the average consumer and choosing herbal medicine for what ails them is knowledge and taste.  Medicinal herbs rarely taste like a sweet treat or something .

Consulting with brands, restaurants, private chefs, and health-focused families on incorporating wild edible and medicinal herbs into everyday eats without sacrificing taste.

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