Understand how your body communicates and what it's telling you with this 


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Decode Your Symptoms

(previously called "Listening to Sensations")

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Corinne Feinberg of Pathlight Healing is a multi-disciplinary guide for maneuvering the dark corners of the psyche that keep us stuck in the mind, stagnant in feeling, and asleep to our potential. She's a big proponent of feeling as a means to become an expert in your own body after healing herself from a 4-year battle of Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease with energy healing in just 90 days. This miraculous and medically-baffling recovery in 2012 led Corinne to continue studying other metaphysical healing modalities, such as RoHun™ transpersonal psychology, herbal medicine, and intuitive channeling in order to teach others how to heal themselves and reveal what's been hidden from view in terms of optimal health.


Sessions are offered in-person in San Diego and remotely via phone/Zoom.

Intuitive Herbalism classes, sessions, and private events are offered in-person in San Diego.

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