Illuminating the path when you can't find your way

Corinne Feinberg of Pathlight Healing is a multi-disciplinary guide for maneuvering the dark corners of the psyche that keep us stuck in the mind, stagnant in feeling, and asleep to our potential. She's a big proponent of feeling as a means to freedom after healing herself from a 4-year battle of Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease with energy healing in just 90 days. This miraculous and medically-baffling recovery in 2012 led Corinne to continue studying other metaphysical healing modalities, such as RoHun™ transpersonal psychology, herbal medicine, and intuitive channeling in order to guide others who find themselves in the darkness.


Sessions are offered in-person in San Diego and remotely via phone/Zoom.

Intuitive Herbalism classes, sessions, and private events are offered in-person in San Diego.

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