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A New Perspective for Peace of Mind during Coronavirus19



We are living in crazy and uncertain times these days where a lot can change rapidly and within a short period.  I know you've been watching the news, or trying to limit how much news coverage you watch.  I know that social media has been a hotbed for fear-mongering but also has allowed the spread of information faster - for better or worse - and more readily accessible to those looking to minimize their risks with doable solutions for preventative measures.

In a time where freedom has been limited and stress is at an all-time high, we are looking for solutions that will bridge the gap of isolation, provide us with trustworthy information and give innovative suggestions to move through this period of panic with the most ease possible.  When seeking answers to the ever-present questions and desire to be proactive, protective and sane, we must turn to what is in our control: our home environment and our own immunity.  

As we limit physical contact with others to reduce the spread of Coronavirus19, we are spending a great deal of extended time in our homes and on our electronic devices.  Thankfully technology gives us the privilege to feel connected to one another when some of us are quarantined by themselves longing for physical human contact.  But there are connections between electrical radiation and its disruption of the delicate nervous system of our bodies.  In fact, Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. posted a video from a conference last week stating correlations between pandemics during the last 150 years and the quantum leaps in electrification of the Earth.  When we are exposed to new electromagnetic fields, our system and cells react as if they are poisoned and excrete to rid toxicity from the cells.  If we already have weakened or compromised immune systems, this excess load of toxic reactivity becomes an added challenge for the system.

We are electrical beings - this is why EKGs and EEGs work - and radiation emitted from cell towers, cell phones, smart watches, computers, WiFi and satellites are not compatible with health especially when we are exposed in massive quantities in a short period of time.  In the last 6 months, 5G has expanded to 20,000 radiation emitting satellites and China has the world's largest 5G network.

While it is not realistic for many to renounce the modern world and head to the deep woods, I do want to offer some suggestions for this ever-growing electrification of the environment and ways to support your nervous system and protect immunity, in addition to some special offerings with half-priced rates listed further down in this message:

1.  Sunlight + fresh air
Go in your backyard or open your windows if you are unable to go outside.  In the morning as the sun is rising and the day is new, please open all your windows and let the fresh air in.  Bask in the sunlight nearest to your east facing windows.  If the sun is not shining, let the fresh air touch your skin.  This will do wonders for your immune system, state of mind and general outlook.  Don't make yourself more cooped up than you have to be.

2.  Take break intervals from technology
This includes phones, computers, televisions and iPads.  Constant exposure to electrical radiation emitted from these devices causes electrical disturbances in our nervous system - which is already in reactivity mode with what is transpiring.  We use our nervous system to be sensitive to our environment as well as connect with others intuitively.  Our nerves are a precious commodity we cannot afford to tax at this point in time.  Best practices are putting your phone on airplane mode, disconnected your WiFi router, and sleeping with your phone on airplane mode and/or at least 6 feet away from it.

3.  Limit your exposure to news updates
Have scheduled times where you check in on the global climate encompassing Coronavirus19 but let it be sporadic and set a timer for how long you watch/read/listen.  Coronavirus19 has a very mentally stimulating component to it where just talking about it gets our minds reeling and bouncing around searching for self-soothing thoughts to hang on to.  Let's not cause more separation within our own selves than what is already happening with physical distance between our neighbors and loved ones.

4.  Change your perspective
You have this chance to use your perspective to color your reality.  If you can find one singular thing to be grateful for during this time of Coronavirus19, you retain some hope, joy, love and peace which is always available in times of hardship.  Your perspective can change moment to moment, but with each moment you have the choice of which direction you want to face and where you want to try and hold your attention and focus.  Find what you can control to bring your mind more ease and then choose to illuminate your list of gratitudes.  You are growing in times of challenge and we are in a period of rapid change.  The cracks in our system are showing so that we have no choice but to rebuild them for the benefit of more people.  You've been wondering when the sh*t was going to hit the fan and here it is: 

Welcome to our collective rebirth.

To help ease relaxation and eliminate environmental stress so that every supportive measure you take can best support your health unencumbered, I am offering a special Coronavirus19 package that uses tools and technology from my new body of work through Bakamere Organization LLC to remotely harmonize a home, apartment, bedroom and property to neutralize the effects of environmental stress on your living quarters without changing the function of your home's electrical devices at special price points for these times where relaxation and peace of mind are necessary:


Home Activation - $35 for the 7 day process
7 days for 24 hours a day continuously
A completely remote process where an image of your home, apartment, bedroom or property is set up to continuously neutralize the qualities of any harmful or detrimental vibrational wavelengths while increasing the beneficial and healing wavelengths emitted by the Earth grid lines.  The result is a harmonious resonance and interaction between your system and your environment throughout and long after the process is complete.  Make your home a place for relaxation, support, and calm. 

Optimal Health Emitter - $17 for 2 weeks / $28 for 1 full month 
24 hrs a day with the option of 2 weeks or 1 full month
An entirely remote set up that continuously supports your system for optimal health and relaxation to your nervous system.  You will be emailed once the set up begins and 5 days before your time is complete.  If you would like to extend your time on the setup, the same price will apply based on the option you choose.

++++Combine the Home Activation and Optimal Health Emitter++++ 
for $53 and save $10.

Payment options include Venmo @pathlighthealing or PayPal.  Please note that a service fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 will be added for all payments made through PayPal.

Please know that although I am still offering remote sessions, I am not seeing clients in-person at this time.  I have quite a few immunocompromised clients and will not be taking in-person clients until Coronavirus19 risks have diminished.  In terms of remote sessions, I have added a half-priced 45 minute Remote Relaxation Session that includes remote energy healing only (no phone call) for $44 (normally $88) and half-priced 30 minute Spiritual Counseling Call via Zoom or phone for $44 (normally $88). 


All other Pathlight Healing sessions are being offered as gift cards for 25% off including packages of sessions with code RELAX when purchased here.

These are special offerings for these trying times and a wish for health in all its forms and methods.  I send love to you and all those affected by this pandemic as we are in this together.  May safe measures be made to uphold all you hold near, dear and sacred.  We are many, we are one. 

May peace be with you and your loved ones,


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