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Online Classes

Experience herbal medicine through storytelling and personal anecdotes about how the medicine of the plants transcends scientific studies and what has been written in textbooks.


These classed focus on the HOW + WHY of herbal medicine.


HOW can we apply the teachings of plants to our lives at this current point in time of our human experience, and WHY is it applicable to me - as an individual - at this moment in my life.


This is more than just a study of herbal medicine.
It's a living teaching of how nature communicates through our senses, sharing wisdom through metaphor.  Historical folk uses, folklore, and correlations between the physical medicine of each plant and its metaphysical correlation is offered in each class via recorded video. 

We'll use herbal medicine as a medium to spark a knowing of who you are and how you can utilize the plants to initiate and support the changes you are ushering into your life.

Your monthly subscription grants you access to the living library of recorded classes (password-protected for members only).

Preview classes below for snippets of each topic.

Classes are available for a monthly subscription of $23

EVERGREEN Class 1/21/24

About Evergreen:

As both a blessing and banishing herb, Evergreen medicine holds the duality of opposites, easing the journey through the darkest days of the year with resiliency and reverence for all that can be revealed to us when we take time to slow down in stillness.

When you can't see the forest for the trees, the parts distract you from the whole, you're too preoccupied with the details to see the whole picture.
When the waiting game is incurring impatience.
We seek solace in stillness, willing to wait and receive what is to come when it's ripe and ready.
But for now, we immerse ourselves in the medicine in the groundedness of Evergreen trees as we journey underground to gain wisdom from our root system, within the dark soil, where all is connected.

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