The Teachings of Plants

learn herbal medicine through direct experience with the plants in an online community

The Earth is speaking louder than ever and we have always had the ability to listen and decipher, but we haven't always made the time or cultivated the space to do so.  Now that humanity has been forced to change its pace and examine how we live, we are presented with a ripe opportunity to develop our skills, knowledge and compassion for the world around us.  


No matter where you live, you have medicine growing around you.  It's popping up through the cracks in the sidewalk outside your apartment building.  It's lining the perimeters of your local park.  It's popping up in your lawn.  Free medicine and food is all around you, yet the knowledge of how to identify and use this bounty has not been imparted on us.


These plants are hardy and resilient.  They have evolved to withstand changing climates and landscapes, and have continued to flourish.  Plants were inhabitants of Earth before humankind, but they were a big part of our ancestral culture.  These ancient plants are a part of humanity's history, and learning how to work with them connects you to your heritage as a human being.  These are the foods and medicines of the people.


What tends to be most difficult with learning herbal medicine is retaining all the information about the plants and their constituents.  The plants are very complex medicinally, and there are many plants that can apply to one system or physical symptom.  


Before modern medicine, there was herbal medicine.  And before we had books with studies and scientific findings of the plants, we learned through discovery, trial and error, and healers who would connect with the spirit of the plant through ceremony to learn directly from the source.  It is through this connection that we can still learn herbal medicine: by letting the plants teach us.

About the classes


In each gathering, we will learn about the medicinal benefits of plants through our own firsthand experiences of drinking tea, or herbal infusions.  This is not a typical lecture style herbal class, but one where you can learn directly from the plant itself.  This creates a stronger connection with the medicinal benefits the plant has for you and makes learning and retaining herbal medicine knowledge so much easier than rote memorization.

During these events, you will learn how to:

1. listen to the plants so you can retain information about their medicinal properties by developing a relationship with the plant world
2. grow your intuition to find trust and support when you need it most
3. develop self-sufficiency with simple knowledge and solutions to bolster your health and immunity
4. reconnect with sustainable practices in folk-based earth traditions where we can live in better harmony and community with the natural world



Our gatherings will consist of guided meditation with the plant through sipping tea, a collective discussion of your experience with the plant and information on this plant's medicinal benefits.  Each participant is encouraged to brew a tea with the plant we will be exploring in order to build their understanding of herbal medicine through this folk tradition of plant study.  Brewing instructions and preparation details, as well as a video link to join the class are included in an email upon registering.


Classes are donation-based with a suggested donation of $13,

but any donation will be accepted if you source and purchase your own herbs. 


If you would like the herbs covered in class sent to you, please donate $30 which will include the class, the dried plant material and shipping. 

The herbal shipment is only available in the U.S. and orders must be received no later than 7 days prior to the class date in order to receive it in time.

More classes and further series will be made available come June.

Please register for each class in the links below.  Email with any questions.

Series 1: Foundations of Kitchen Herbalism

medicine found in your spice cabinet, pantry or grocery store


Friday 5/29

5pm PST

Suggested donation $13 or

$30 for herbs shipped


Friday 7/10

5pm PST

Suggested donation $13 or

$30 for herbs shipped


Friday 6/12

5pm PST

Suggested donation $13 or

$30 for herbs shipped






Friday 7/24

5pm PST

Suggested donation $13 or

$30 for herbs shipped

More classes coming soon!

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