Full Moon in Taurus :: Your Power is in Your Actions

Today we greet the full moon in Taurus. We feel the waves of the world's tides change as they ebb and flow in accordance to the moon. We feel the Earth move, under our feet and feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down. Yes, I quoted a Carole King song, and yes, it was purposeful. Haven't you felt the turbulence and unnerving uncertainty of these times we're living in? It's easy to get bogged down by the state of the world - the politics, the environment, the person blatantly ignoring your turn signal as you merge onto the freeway. Okay, maybe the last one is less significant than the former two, but rage is rage. And we have a lot of it going around these days. Rage surged by fear. Fear of it all crashing down around us. In uncertain times such as these, we need to remember where our power lies: in our actions. But it's not just our actions outward into the world; it's our inner awareness and how we act on what is surfacing within ourselves. When the external world gets ramped up, you can bet there is a personal message that's pointing at you to take a better look within. Chaos is never solely in the world around you, and to focus on just that piece of the puzzle is overlooking where you have the most control: in yourself. No one ever said change was easy, especially when it comes to our protection mechanisms, survival tactics and overall mental and emotional patterns. And this full moon in the earthly sign of Taurus shows our comfort in things just as they are. But this comfort can turn quickly towards resistance where we dig our heels in, cross our arms over our chest and furrow our brow vehemently as we send off death rays through our eyes that irrefutably read "NO". Not to mention there are multiple planets moving through the sign of Scorpio, including the oh-so-challenging Venus retrograde - consider this the cracking of said protection mechanisms, survival tactics and all the mental and emotional patterns that have kept your heart walled off and isolated. Scorpio season is our push. It's the spade that's digging the hole deeper. It's our excavator, composter and rebuilder. It's the motivation we never asked for to be free from what's been holding us back. It's another opportunity to shed - to go through a death and rebirth. But this time it's personal, meaning that you PERSONALLY have to do something to get yourself through it and ultimately out of it. This is not like eclipse season from this past summer - though reflecting on what surfaced for you then will be helpful to navigate your healing now - where surrendering was all that was needed for you to welcome change in. That was child's play compared to the mess we're in now, and the mess is yours to clean up. The grand ol' Universe isn't going to do it for you. It's time for you to take action. Write it out. Get clarity. Search for the nugget of understanding and go as deep as can can go with it. Keep digging, unearthing and observing. Ask yourself questions. Be honest with yourself. See how you've hidden this from yourself so tactfully. No more internal deceit. No more hiding behind the false perception of ease and comfort from pretending it doesn't exist or it isn't a big deal. You're not doing yourself any favors anymore. The best gift you can give to yourself is to acknowledge it. Call it what it is - at the very least to yourself. Maybe you've done the digging. You've taken a good hard look at what you've buried within yourself; completely hidden from view and locked away in the deepest recesses of your psyche. Now the question is: how do you change/release/fix it? There has to be a commitment to implementing change. It's not an overnight shift, but a constant revisiting to catch yourself in old ways of being. Make a commitment to yourself to uphold the best version of you. To implement the awareness of calling yourself out when you fall prey to old belief patterns. To be a work in progress and to be okay with this, but to continue taking actions that hold you accountable and in hot pursuit of growing into your full potential. Everything you want and wish for yourself and the world is possible. But it won't come without you taking a step towards it.

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