Full Moon in Sagittarius :: Flames of Desire

Artwork by Jen Fountain

May's Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius on May 29th comes with fervor and whipping winds. The flames cannot be fanned as we make our way into the heat of summer, but this can be a boon or a deterrent for our plans in the coming months...depending on what you do with this energy.

We've emerged out of a deeply emotional past month with the Scorpio moon where responses were more reactive, fuses were cut shorter and shorter and we may have oscillated between nourishing our tender selves and falling off the wagon into creature comforts entirely. No shame there, just another learning experience for the books. Thank you, Universe!

With all we've learned from last month's blunders, it's no coincidence that the question of self-worth may have come up as a recurrent thought or feeling...or even both. Thoughts like,

Who am I to deserve happiness and everything that I want and dream of?

Ummm YOU ARE DIVINE SOURCE EMBODIED! OF COURSE you deserve all you ever wanted! But that doesn't mean you weasel out of the trials and tribulations of life's oh-so-glamourous ride. We are given the experiences we need to evolve, learn and grow. To become more aware of ourselves and the world we live in. To wake up to empathy and understand the swing of the pendulum between extremes. To be grateful and cherish what we have and how far we've come. To love deeply and know that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves and our trivial human lives.

So, yes, you are worthy. You are deserving and loved unconditionally, and all you have to do is your best knowing that you will continue to encounter opportunities to test what you have learned and put it to practice. Now that we have that cleared up, we can move on to this next moon cycle where we can take everything we've been cultivating within ourselves and what we want for our lives and put it to use. It's no longer conjuring up your greatest goals, it's putting action behind them. Take the words off the paper and bring them into reality.

If you are still dreaming up what you want, not a problem! But bring some of that fiery energy of this full moon behind what you already know ignites your heart and get to it. Quicken your pace even if you don't feel fully ready yet, and let all the details reveal themselves with each forward step you take in hot pursuit of what you want. Put out those feelers for the job you've always wanted. Take that class you've been thinking about for months. Whatever it is, it's ripe for the picking. You just have to decide that you want it enough to reach out and get it. Remember: You Are Worthy.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor - the internal feats you've braved in order to silence that nagging voice inside that said "you'll never _______" or "don't even bother, you can't do ________". This takes courage and determination to decide that something doesn't serve you or add value to your life AND THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It's one thing to be aware of it and a completely different thing to take action to change it. You are strong. You are powerful. And you deserve this slice of heaven that you've been treasuring in your heart and on your mind. So what can you do to start making this a reality, and do the damn thing already!

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