Full Moon in Aries :: Healing Your Inner Child

Monday's Full Moon in Aries is a triggering one. Man-oh-man are we being put through the childhood trauma ringer once again (and we were hoping post-eclipse season would be a breeze). Welp, it's not ... just yet, at least. This fiery sign is the first in the zodiac, representing the start of a new cycle in our lives which perfectly coincides with the Autumnal Equinox that marked this past Saturday. We find ourselves in a time of transition, just like the seasons. We too are shifting from the light, bouncy-nature of summer into the introspective, darker days of winter. The fall being this inbetween state where we notice the direction we're heading in and prepare for how we can greet these colder months with as much ease and willing surrender as possible. But so much of this Aries full moon is forcing us to look at the baggage, and most specifically, childhood wounds.


In times of transition, we are inevitably faced with how our inner child would react to this change. We throw a fit. We hide under the covers. We make ourselves sick hoping that it will get us off the hook. Old habits die hard, don't they? But how can we take these regressive habits and see them as signs of a healing opportunity; to finally rid the burdens of childhood triggers and set off into the adult lives we want to live and are trying to create with confidence that this is our truth. This is the healing we're collectively stepping into with Aries. You have no choice. It's a close-one-door-so-a-new-door-can-open kind of time. And it's a good one. Really! Because there's no better time to heal then when the triggers are surfacing. So much of our focus is on what we want to cultivate or call in to our lives. But we don't just have an infinite capacity to hold it all. In order to bring in what we want, we have to make space for it. We need to clear out what negates it; what's been the blockade that's keeping you from welcoming these new goals, dreams and fantasies in?

Is it a thought about who you think/believe you are and what you deserve? Is it an emotional express that makes you uneasy every time you consider it? Is it a physical limitation that prevents you from seeing the possibilities around you? This is the work that you're ready to do; that the Full Moon in Aries has primed you to do. The fruit is ripe for the picking. So why not dig in and do the meaningful, rewarding work that brings you back to balance, wholeness and ultimately better health. The life you've wanted is ready for you. It's time to step into it.

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