Full Moon in Aquarius :: Illuminate the Overlooked

This full moon and total lunar eclipse occurs in the air sign of Aquarius where a lot of things in our personal lives are "up in the air". This is the Full Buck Moon, aptly named for the full growth of a buck's antlers during this season, but many will call this the "Blood Moon". The blood red color of the moon is caused by the total lunar eclipse blocking sunlight from reflecting on the moon, which creates visibility of red light wavelengths only.

The eclipse calls for healing in the shadows of our being - the doubt, criticism, motivation, habits, reactionary patterns, internal dialogue. Everything that's against us that we have adopted or created for ourselves based on our past is being shaken up. This is what has to be illuminated and moreover, this is what is being healed.

We are being asked to change; to rebuild who we are. We are being pushed off the cliff. We can no longer wait for the right time where we feel most prepared and ready to take that leap. It's jump or be pushed, but you're falling off that cliff either way. This doesn't mean it's going to be easy. But it will be necessary. And we won't experience the full fruits of this labor until the end of September, but gosh darn it, we need to keep going (I'm telling this to myself, too). When you feel like giving up, give up for that moment so you can let the feelings go and pick yourself back up again. Now is not the time to brave a smile when you're crumbling inside. It's about acknowledging the parts that say "I can't" and holding them to your heart in compassionate gratitude. Because these are the parts that are being healed with this lunar eclipse - the parts that have previously been overlooked. These are the parts that we need to acknowledge and see so that we can remove self-imposed obstacles.

Questioning your strength in this feat is okay, but you cannot walk away from this. It's going to happen no matter what. So let yourself break open. Let your emotions be felt and heard. Break down and cry about it, but then be proud of yourself for feeling it.

This is what matters: encouraging yourself - your depth of choice to choose yourself over and over again. Only you can know. Only you can do. Only you are truly there for you. This is what's needed. So let yourself doubt but don't let that doubt turn into immobility. Let yourself weep in bed with the covers pulled over your head, but don't let it keep you from getting up the next morning. Plead temporary insanity and then express gratitude for the ability to just be honest with yourself. Don't expect this to be an easy time. Letting go and glowing up is tough work my lovelies. But the train you're on is already moving at full speed. You have to ride it to completion. This is the strongest position you can take and the remembrance that this is happening FOR you, not TO you.

It's a gift. An opportunity. An act of Love. Let yourself be seen in the light of Love during this eclipse.

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