Full Moon in Capricorn :: Resiliency

Artwork by Jen Fountain

June's Full Strawberry Moon - or Rose Moon - is aptly named for the budding fruits abound in the summer season. Where strawberries did not grow, roses were the true sign of June's full moon approaching. Both sweet plants share their soft nature while nourishing our senses back into equilibrium. We need the medicine and gifts of these plants more than ever now as we come into more turbulence throughout this summer. You may have heard the whispers. You may have read the astrological insights. But now do you believe it?

Just look at the current state of the world to show the reflective process of our internal climate. The U.S. border issue alone should be a clear indication that times are tough and brutal right now. And yet, we cannot prevent it from happening. On the surface, we are powerless - outraged, wanting change, but cannot evoke rapid change to shake the powers that govern our country in hopes to wake them up from this nightmare. And at the same time, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

We are in the wake up period - the narrowing hole squeezing the square peg through it. This will not be the end of it, but the fall season is going to feel like the sweetest reward for our efforts just to get through and stay with it. Now is not the time to abandon hope. Now is not the time to give up - although it sure may feel like the path of least resistance to do so. Now is the time to stockpile your resiliency. To recall what you've been through before and how you made it out alive.

How can we stay resilient?

Take care of your needs so you can have something to give to others. The safety procedure on airplanes to put your mask on before you help someone else with their mask applies here, too. We cannot be in service to others if we are not in service to ourselves first and foremost. I am not advocating selfishness here. I am encouraging you to live by example; to show your friends, your family, your neighbors what it looks like to be awake. Because what you do for your own healing ripples out in waves to those around you. And instead of trying to use words to convince others to wake up, you show them by your example what it looks like to do so.

Now, and throughout this summer, will be your time to take care of yourself. Current events in the world will be swirling and you'll need to stay grounded. Savor this earthly energy being brought by this Capricorn moon on Thursday, June 28th. When you've already donated, volunteered and petitioned, yet still feel powerless to the forces around you, look within yourself. What is being triggered in you? How can you show it love, offer it healing insight and release your inner unrest so that you can retain your resiliency to keep going? This doesn't mean that you no longer care what happens to the world. This means you understand that you can do more than just fight against the fight; that you can heal your inner battles to bring more light in. Change cannot come about until we all wake up. So let's stay awake and tip the scales from dark to light by looking within and shining from our inner awareness of peace and knowing.

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