Full Moon in Scorpio :: Release Worry

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The Full Moon in Scorpio - also known as the Pink Moon due to its spring timing - brings great depth to the emotions after a hell-raiser of a week. Thank goodness flowers have begun to blossom to bring some hope into these emotional dark days! Most have found the days leading up to tonight's full moon to be trying, taxing and downright exhausting. I, myself, have needed more naps and demanded more snoozing of alarms than ever before. But this is the rising tide of the emotional Scorpio moon.

It's a tender time. A confusing time. A turbulent and fear-provoking time. And I'm not just talking about your internal world either...

The moon in Scorpio affects the emotional body which correlates to the reproductive system, or 2nd chakra in terms of energy. This is the part of our physical form that relates to our receptivity to pleasure in life; pleasure of all sorts and sources. Life is one pleasure-filled ride of experiences and this stems from our ability to experience life through the senses. We are sensual beings floating through our days in complete sensory stimulation. It's a gift of the human experience: to feel.

But this moon is relentless. It's illuminating all the emotional baggage that has been plaguing us. And that is part of the opportunity this moon cycle. It's time to release. Purge. Let it out once and for all. Let it be seen by the beams of moonlight, loved for the chance to feel it all, and then flung from your being into oblivion. Release. Release. Let's say it one more time. RELEASE!

It's time to let it go. It served you well up until this point in time, but now we're upgrading. We're outgrowing the outdated. We're moving up. And you need to let this go in order to communicate more truthfully, to honor your needs with more priority, to open your heart and receive love more fully, to unleash your true potential with more prosperity, and to finally let your light shine even brighter in this world. Your light is needed. It's imperative.

Now when emotions surface with such fervor like with this Scorpio Full Moon, it is not uncommon for the mind to kick into overdrive and try to control the emotional experience - or prevent you from going into the "negative" emotions. This is because the mind likes to be in control...or at least think it has control. In all actuality, the mind is triggered by the challenging emotions and tries to block the experience because it is powerless in fixing the issue.

Emotions want and need to be expressed in a healthy way. The mind tries to avoid all fear, worry and anxiety by avoiding intense emotional pain at all costs. This causes the emotions to feel neglected and even more enraged in their need to express. Get the picture? It's an ugly cycle of avoidance, separation, and ultimately deep hurt.

But, your mind is a good study. The mind craves a task, which is why it likes to focus on all the different possible scenarios and outcomes to every choice and action you have, will, and could ever make. So, when your mind goes into worry-mode as you start to feel the tiniest bit of emotional sensitivity, ask your mind to observe. Be present with your breathing. Take it moment by moment as your mind participates from an observational role instead of distracting you from actually feeling. This is where you have control: over the power of your mind's ability to affect your experience for better or for worse.

If you find yourself struggling, tell it to the moon. Remember the mantra RELEASE! Your experience is your greatest teacher, guiding you through awareness of self. So take it easy with yourself. Be patient. Prioritize rest. And then rest some more.

In love and healing,


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