Full Moon in Libra :: From Extremes to Balance

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Tonight's full moon in Libra is calling you to find balance. The extremes of your actions and emotional states have been haywire and ricohetting for too long, leaving you feeling frazzled, exhausted and asking "where did this week go?"

But in order to get back into balance within your life, you need to slow down and find harmony within yourself. Give yourself time to feel all the feelings because unless you feel, there is nothing to heal.

It may feel like there is a lot to accomplish and your list of healing goals feels like a mile long, but this full moon is working on harmonizing the internal conflict you may be - or may not be - aware of inside yourself. Full moons illuminate and bring to the surface what needs to be examined and brought to your attention. Sometimes, this includes new aspects of old traumas that were unseen until now. Remember that Divine timing is always at play, and we are only shown what we are ready to see.

Forgiveness, understanding and tenderness will be the keys to unlock your healing this moon cycle. Your heart - which houses your soul - deserves your utmost care and attention now and for always, but especially right now. It is your mind and your emotions that will be attempting to divert your attention and distract you with busying tasks or endless scrolls on Instagram.

Use your mind as a tool to observe your experience tonight and tomorrow. When the mind is quiet, the emotions can move. But fear not your emotional experience, for emotions move rather quickly and only require the space to move and be seen.

This whole week has been filled with clients working with old thought patterns and repetitive emotional responses to neglected childhood trauma. It couldn't get more full moon than that! When we experience a situation that is traumatic, our emotions and thoughts that surface during the trauma band together and create a thick shell of protection. If not worked through and processed immediately, it builds up like a crust around us and acts like a lens that we view the world through. This will cause us to react from those negative and maladaptive thoughts and emotions, which will in turn create our sense of belief about ourselves and our lives.

For example, if someone has experienced being sexually abused and their guardian does not believe them, this may create the following pattern:

Thought: I cam powerless in this situation.

Feeling: fear, anxiety, anger

Thought: No one believes me.

Feeling: isolation, loneliness

Thought: I deserve abuse.

Feeling: unworthy of true and healthy expression of Love

Of course there is a myriad of possibilities of negative thoughts and feelings that could come from a situation like this. But the point is that these thoughts and feelings become core beliefs that in turn create our decisions and actions. And these are considered "negative" because they block our true essence of Love, Compassion and Kindness which also blocks our connection to Divine Spirit/Source/Oneness/God and this everloving presence that resides within our Souls.

This is how we sabotage ourselves and create fictitious realities where we will always feel isolated, fearful and unworthy of the lives we truly desire and the passions that ignite our hearts the most.

So spend this evening connecting with what is arising for you. Give a name to it if you can, or just feel it. Is there a memory or circumstance where you remember feeling this? Maybe it's tied to a few memories.

Listen, feel, forgive yourself for holding on to these beliefs, and then mental understanding will arise. The rest will unfold like the rolling tides.

In love and healing,


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