Illuminating the path to healing through

channeled guidance and spiritual connection

Corinne is the healer and owner of Pathlight Healing located in San Diego, CA. She combines her certifications and training in RoHun spiritual psychology, mediumship, intuitive channeling, sound healing, Reiki energy healing, shamanic journeying, and folk plant medicine to offer sessions tailored to each individual's healing needs.  She also mentors seasoned and budding healers in heightening their intuitive senses and channeling guidance through Divine Source.  Her healing work can be experienced in group through healing ceremonies and journeying rituals.  


Corinne has been sharing her healing gifts since 2012 when she found Reiki as the ultimate healing for her experience with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. It was the Divine spiritual connection and energy healing aspects of Reiki that brought her 4 year journey with Lyme Disease to an end in just 3 short months. Corinne has since become a multi-disciplinary healer utilizing all the tools at her disposal to share with those who seek results with their own healing. 


Corinne is bicoastal and offers sessions in-person in San Diego, Los Angeles and Boston, as well as remotely through the phone, Skype and Zoom. 

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